Top 5 Real Time Alerts: Favorites That Blend Wireless Home Security Systems With Convenience

As we’ve been expanding services and offerings at My Alarm Center to extend beyond the traditional “alarm system,” we can’t help but take note of several offerings and home security services that are most popular with customers. In today’s post we’ll focus on Real Time Alerts which have been offered by My Alarm Center for some time, but have recently become very popular among parents, working professionals, and those who own rental/vacation properties.

When MyHome by My Alarm Center launched, our customers opted in for basic home alarm system real time alert triggers like alarm activation and deactivation activity.  However, as more people subscribed to the home security service every day, several alerts are becoming clear favorites.  This got us to wondering:  Are you subscribed to the 5 Most Popular Real Time Alerts at My Alarm Center (powered by 

1. ShowNo Show Alerts letting subscribers know, through their monitoring services, when their children have arrived home from school, or that the dog walker has arrived on-time.

“I have alerts set to keep tabs on my 13-year-old, I get text messages that alert me when the house is disarmed as she’s arrived home from school or after-school activities. It gives me great piece of mind when I am at the office.”

                -Laura S. of Merion, PA

2. Video Activity Alerts: Letting residents know when any motion/activity has been captured by video surveillance security cameras. Not only a great security feature to prevent theft/loss, this is a great feature for homeowners who may prefer that certain areas of their home are kept private from children, guests, or renters. 

 “I live in Seattle and have a rental property in Florida. The Video Alerts send me a notification if there is activity in our basement that is not accessible to renters. This has given me some extra security that our personal belongings are not being accessed.”

-Thomas M. of Seattle, WA

3.  Water Sensor Alerts:  Alerting a subscriber if there’s a water leak or a flood in an area of the home where a sensor has been placed. For those in areas at-risk for flooding during storm season, or for those who don’t want to be “surprised,” by a hot water heater leak, these alerts can go a long way in preventing property damage, and in saving a lot of time and worry.

“I got a water sensor alert at work when the hot water heater burst. I was able to get home in time and prevent thousands of dollars in damage to our newly remodeled playroom. On the way home I even called the plumber who made it out the same day.”

-Danielle R. of Bellevue, WA

4. Cabinet/Drawer Security Alerts: Sensors can be installed on security systems and set up for drawers containing valuables, or cabinets containing items that could cause serious harm to children or strangers (medicine, firearms). A Real Time Alert indicating that one of these cabinets has been opened helps prevent both injury and property loss.

“ I often have contractors and dog walkers coming and going from the house; Real time alerts have helped ensure that our family’s valuables and personal items are safe and secure.”

-Maria R. of Cape May, NJ

5. Power Outage Alerts: These alerts help ensure residents are aware of a power outage in-advance of it impacting their wireless home security system, helping to prevent property loss due to crime.  Also, residents with older or younger relatives at home can ensure their family’s safety during a power outage in extreme weather or circumstances.

“My mother lives alone so I set up my alerts to send me a text message if her power has gone out. This way I know immediately when she might need an extra hand getting around safely.”

-Kim L. of Cherry Hill, NJ

Not only are Real Time alerts convenient, preventive measures to ensure home safety and security, but many home monitoring services mean price breaks on homeowner’s and renter’s insurance as well. 

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