Top Rated Home Security Alarm Companies in Seattle


Top Rated Home Security Alarm Companies in Seattle

I’m always a little skeptical when I read lists and reviews of top rated home security alarm companies. As someone who managed security companies for more than 20 years, I know how easily these lists can be manipulated.

When I ran a company in the mid-west, a local newspaper offered to sell our company a top ten position on their home security service review list. The position we’d be on the list was entirely dependent upon the amount of advertising we’d buy…the more we spent, the higher on the list we’d appear.

It got even worse in the internet era.

One day a marketing agency came to us with the idea of creating our own online review site. See, in the internet era virtually anyone can make up an official sounding organization name, throw together a website, hire a search engine company to manipulate search rankings and bingo, they’ve got a review site of top-rated home security alarm companies in Seattle. They just so happen to be the top-rated home security alarm company on the list, thereby getting all the sales inquiries coming from Google.

It’s amazing what lengths some people will take to make a sale. There’s an old saying about “buyer beware.” That saying sure applies to reading lists of top rated home security alarm companies.

There’s a better way than review lists to find a quality home alarm security company in Seattle. I suggest you follow these tips:

·         Ask your friends and associates that have a home alarm system who they use. Find out their experiences.

·         Look at the websites of any companies under consideration. Look for an address and a telephone number. Offline locations are an indicator of a legitimate company. Emails and domain names are easy and inexpensive to obtain, making them not as trustworthy as an offline location.

·         Check the registration data of the website. Find out when the website was created and when it will expire. If it was set up recently and will expire soon, that could be a sign of a scam.

·         Put the names of any company you are considering into a search engine like Google. You should find reviews, company news and other information you can use in your decision-making.

·         Review the record of any prospective company with the state licensing agency that regulates alarm companies. See if there are any complaints or sanctions. Contact the Better Business Bureau for similar type information.

·         Look for companies that monitor home alarm systems at a UL approved alarm monitoring center. UL checks monitoring centers for standards of performance…UL certification is an indicator of a company committed to doing things right.

·         Find out if the company you are considering is actively involved in alarm industry trade associations and community organizations. Their involvement is an indicator of their social responsibility to the community and their dedication to their profession.