Two Home Security Service Scams to Be Aware of This Summer


There are two common home security company scams home burglars are currently using to gain access to your home.


In the first, burglars pose as animal control officers. They’ll come to your door and ask to inspect your backyard for snakes.


While one of them distracts you in the backyard, the other goes inside your home to steal.


Keep in mind, it’s very uncommon for city workers to show up unannounced. If this happens to you, be sure to ask the workers to identify their supervisor and call the city office right away to verify the visit. Don’t let anyone enter your home or property without first verifying their need to be there.


The second scam to be aware of comes via your telephone.


Burglars pose as telemarketers representing a home security company. They call you to ask questions about your home security to find out if you are vulnerable.


If you get a call like this, tell them you have a monitored home security system connected to a monitoring center and security camera system. Thank them for their call and promptly hang up.


If either of these things happen to you, it’s wise to report the situation to your local authorities.