Update Your Home Security Alarm Emergency Contact List

What if you had an emergency and could not reach anyone to help you? It’s not a pleasant thought.

Millions of home security alarm system owners put themselves in that very position every year. They don’t maintain current emergency contact information with their alarm monitoring center. That results in a delay in reaching a responsible party, or in no one being reached at all.

The homeowner is left with an emergency and there is no one to help them.

Think it’s not a big problem? A 25 year veteran of the home security industry describes the issue as “epidemic” and one that ultimately costs homeowners in terms of safety and false alarm fines.

Right now, make it a point to verify the emergency contact information on record with your alarm monitoring services company. Make sure emergency contact names are spelled correctly, phone numbers are correct, and that emergency contacts are listed in order of preference/priority. Then, around New Year’s and the Fourth of July each year, verify the information with the monitoring center. It’s a convenient, easy way to keep emergency contact information up-to-date.

Who should be on your emergency contact list? Quite simply, anyone you trust to represent you and check on your home in the event of an alarm or emergency situation. You’ll want to make sure they:

·         Have quick access to your home.

·         Understand how to arm and disarm your wireless home alarm system.

·         Have a personal emergency identification number or code, as that indicates they are authorized to act on your behalf.

·         Know the phone number of the alarm monitoring services center.

·         Know how to reach you in the event of an emergency.

Just a few minutes spent verifying your wireless security alarm emergency contact list information twice a year greatly improves your overall security.  Do it today.