You vs. Home Burglars: 15 Ways to Improve Your Home Security


In the battle to stay ahead of home burglars, here are 15 things you can do to improve home security:


  1. Keep your door locks locked at all times, even when you are home. A surprising number of burglars enter a home simply by walking through an unlocked door.


  1. Make sure your home looks occupied at all times. Use home automation systems to control lighting, the TV and other appliances with the push of a button that give your home a “lived in” look.


  1. Invest in a quality home security system that’s been designed and installed by a reputable security company from your local area.


  1. Have your home alarm system monitored by a UL certified alarm monitoring central station. Home security monitoring centers with this certification qualifies you for maximum allowable insurance credits.


  1. Keep valuables away from places that burglars like to target. That means you keep valuables out of the master bedroom, bedroom closets, freezer, and dresser drawers. Those are the places thieves most commonly target. See our tips for the best places to hide things inside your home.


  1. Turn your alarm system on. Although monitored fire detectors work whether the system is on or off, it needs to be a set alarm to protect you against burglars.


  1. Place metal bars along the bottom track of sliding doors.


  1. Install smaller pane windows or burglar resistant glass. Your goal is to make it hard for glass to break and hard for burglars to enter through windows. Windows are a prime point of entry into homes.


  1. Use deadbolt door locks on all perimeter doors.


  1. Always change the door locks and tumblers in any new home you occupy.


  1. Use caution when posting on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Don’t announce your travel plans to the world. It’s like advertising that your home is vacant and that you are vulnerable.


  1. Use security system signs and stickers that announce you have security in your home, as long as they are from a company well-known in your local community. Savvy burglars know you can buy these items on Amazon, which is why a local, well-known company is important for your protection.


  1. Work with reputable home security companies. Only let reliable vendors into your home.


  1. Interact with your neighbors. Let them know that you have a home security system. Advise them what to do if they see suspicious activity or hear your alarm is triggered.


  1. Keep strangers out of your home. If someone comes to your door in need of help, keep them outside and call for help on their behalf.