Washington Mom Shoots Man During Home Invasion


A 33 year old mother in Edmunds, Washington shot a man attempting to force his way into her home on Thanksgiving.

KING 5 News in Seattle reported that the woman woke up at 3am to a man pounding on her front door who then tried to break in. The woman armed herself, called 911 and then went to the door to investigate.

The man was able to force the door open, resulting in a struggle with the woman who was trying to keep the door closed. When the woman realized she would lose the struggle, she shot the intruder once in the abdomen.

Police say the woman’s kids and husband were in the home and that she was doing all she could to keep her children safe. No one in the family was injured.

The man is expected to live and has been charged with a variety of crimes by the Edmonds Police.

It’s important to not open doors to strangers – even a little – regardless of the stranger’s situation. Chain locks that allow you to slightly open the door are really no good…most burglars can simply defeat them with a sound kick or a blow to the door with their body.

Always keep doors locked and closed to strangers. The best, safest way you can help them is to contact emergency services personnel and wait for professionals to handle the situation. Read about more ways to prevent a home invasion right here.