What to do Before Changing Home Security Alarm Companies



With all the cable TV companies, cellular telephone companies and even Google providing home security systems, the pressure is on homeowners to switch home security companies.

The competition amongst home alarm companies is fierce and many have been accused of deceptive sales practices.

So what can you do to find out if changing home security companies is in your best interests? Follow these tips:

·         Ask yourself why you are considering a switch to another home security company. If it is prompted by a desire for better service or improved protection, then it’s probably wise to consider a change. See our list of seven signs that it’s time to switch home security companies. If the reason you are considering switching is because a salesman showed up at your door promising to save you a few bucks, keep reading.

·         Question what you are told. Many home alarm salespeople make claims about their home security systems that simply aren’t true. You see, most home alarm companies can offer the same protection and home security services.  Don’t believe claims that products are “unique” as most companies sell the same things. The big variables between companies are the quality of the services they provide, the alarm monitoring services and the integrity and professionalism of the people that provide them.

·         Check your obligations with your current home security company. Most home alarm companies have agreements with their customers for the monitoring of the home alarm system. Make sure there are no unfulfilled obligations with your present alarm provider.

·         Investigate the home security companies. Make an informed decision about your security services provider. See our tips for how to select an alarm system monitoring company for an existing home security system.

·         Call your present home security provider. Find out what they can do to keep your business.

·         Don’t sign anything without reading it thoroughly. The internet is full of stories of homeowners that have been duped into signing things without reading, locking them into long agreements terms and in some instances, paying two alarm companies to protect the same home!

It’s best to thoroughly explore all your options before switching home security alarm companies. Any decision you make is only as good as the information you use to make it. Check things out so you make a wise decision.