What You Need To Know About Securing Your Windows With Your Home Security Service

Keeping Your Home Safe By Making Sure Your Windows Are Locked Properly

Doors and windows are easy points of entry for criminals. For homeowners, doors are often the focus of security efforts with smart door locks, deadbolts, and reinforced doors all at your disposal.

This leaves windows as your weakest points of entry and something burglars already know. When it comes to break-ins, 23 percent of burglars use a first floor window to enter a home.

So how can we strengthen our defenses when it comes to windows? Fake security signs won’t do the trick. Here are a few ways to make your windows more secure and prevent break-ins.

Window Locks
Locking your windows is a no-brainer, ( as long as certain family members would stop forgetting) however, you must also make sure the window locks operate correctly and that you replace any broken locks. There are supplemental locks that can help reinforce your existing locks for an extra layer of security. Deadbolts are available for windows, or even invest in a pin lock that’s visible from the outside, deterring burglars from trying to enter your home.

Reinforced Glass and Glass Materials
To make traditional glass windows a little more difficult to break, reinforce your windows with different materials to create a stronger barrier. Tempered glass is slightly more expensive than traditional glass, however, it is more durable and harder to break. Another material is laminated glass, or safety glass, which is a layer of vinyl between two panes of regular glass. A burglar would make a lot of noise having to repeatedly smash the same area to break the window. There are also plexiglas windows, which have ten times the strength of traditional glass panes. Polycarbonate windows are a more expensive version of plexiglas, however, they are 250 times more impact resistant than safety glass and over 10 times stronger than plexiglas.

Window Bars
Don’t worry; iron bars don’t have to look like a prison window. There are home security companies that make very decorative window bars that can add character to your home while protecting it. A burglar may be able to break the glass, but you probably won’t see them trying to slip between the iron cast bars. Window bars can add another layer of protection to your home, especially in areas where your windows are not easily seen by neighbors. Ask yourself a few questions (such as the crime rate in your area and where your first floor windows are located) to see if window bars would be the right fit for your home.

Security Alarms
A home security alarm is always a good idea, but did you know that there are also alarms just for your windows? With many different types of alarms, it’s easy to find one that’s in your budget range or for your specific need. There are simple alarms that sound as a window is opened or broken, or there are more advanced window alarms with motion detectors to warn you of an intruder before your window is even touched.

The higher degree of difficulty to get into your home, the less likely a burglar will even attempt to enter your home. Securing your windows with less noticeable methods can help during a robbery, but using very visible methods will also show burglars that your home isn’t an easy target. By using both methods, you can ensure your windows are secure and that those inside your home are protected by your security company.