Why Home Alarm System Owners Should Always Answer Their Telephones


Preventing false alarms and capturing burglars may be a challenge in itself, but when homeowners won’t answer their telephones, security experts say there is a whole new set of problems.

In the event of a home alarm activation, most home alarm monitoring companies attempt to verify the alarm to determine if it is a real or false alarm. Depending upon the type of home security system and alarm response purchased by the alarm user, this verification process usually takes place in the form of a telephone call from the alarm monitoring center to the alarm user, or a security guard or police respond to the alarm.

If the homeowner does not answer the phone call from the alarm monitoring company, response is delayed and the home security system system user may face large fines in the event of a false alarm.

So why don’t homeowner’s answer their phones? The problem stems from Caller ID and telemarketers.

The telephone numbers for most alarm monitoring centers aren’t displayed as Caller ID on smartphones and other phones. The primary reason these phone numbers don’t display has to do with personal safety issues for the homeowner. You don’t want an intruder to know the alarm company is calling.

Alarm users mistake this lack of Caller ID on their phones as telemarketers or calls from someone they don’t want to talk to. Thus, they don’t answer the phone call from the alarm company, which sets off a non-productive chain of events.

The problem becomes larger when you consider that most home alarm companies have different telephone numbers for their business office and alarm monitoring center. Many customers know the business office number of the home security company, but have no recollection of the alarm monitoring center telephone number.

Here are some tips for homeowners:

·         Always answer your telephone. You can easily dismiss unwanted calls while being available in emergency situations.

·         Memorize the telephone number of your alarm monitoring center. Many alarm companies monitor home alarm systems via third party providers. Many use different telephone numbers for their business office and their monitoring center. Make sure you know the telephone number of the alarm monitoring center.

·         Know your password. When you interact with the alarm monitoring company, you’ll need your password to identify yourself as authorized for interaction with the monitoring center.

·         Keep your contact information current, especially for people authorized to act on your behalf in your absence.

Not all calls without Caller ID are from telemarketers. Answer your telephone to improve your wireless home security.