Why Invest In A Home Security System?

Many customers of My Alarm Center invest in a home alarm system and remote monitoring services to protect their families and assets. However, not everyone is aware of the many additional benefits of having a home security system, like those highlighted in a recent Yahoo! Homes article.

For instance, while a wireless home security system alerts homeowners and emergency response teams in the event of a break-in, a key benefit to owning a home alarm system is deterring criminals in the first place. It takes burglars, on average, 60 seconds to break into a home, so any deterrents are likely to send potential intruders searching for a different target.  Home alarm systems serve as a major deterrent, as homes without a security system have a significantly higher break-in rate, than homes with an alarm system.

Another crucial benefit of home monitoring systems is increased smoke and fire detection. Having a home alarm system that doubles as a smoke detector can help residents ensure their families and property don’t suffer from the damage caused by thousands of fires that cause multi-millions in damage each year in cities like Seattle, WA.

These significant benefits – deterring crime and additional smoke/fire protection – provide home alarm system customers eligibility to discounts on homeowners insurance.  Discount rates vary by provider, but many realize savings up to 15% per year.  Call your insurance provider for details, or visit the Insurance Information Institute at www.iii.org for more information.

Aside from safety, My Alarm Center is providing homeowners the ability to control and monitor their homes remotely with home automation services.  Although, interactive home monitoring is a relatively new offering, many customers are experiencing the convenience and benefits of managing and monitoring their homes from their smartphone, tablet or computer.  Managing thermostats and lights can mean energy savings, and monitoring home security equals peace-of-mind, especially for those with kids at home, or those granting access to service people (contractors, dog walkers) while away.

These are just a few of the benefits customers of My Alarm Center home security services experience every day. For more information or to understand how you can leverage some of the benefits outlined here, email blog@myalarmcenter.com or visit www.myalarmcenter.com.

-Your Friends at My Alarm Center